Tuesday, August 16, 2016

For Sale - Holiday Let

Our successful seaside holiday accommodation (along with shop / office) is now up for sale, freehold.
See the details and make an enquiry, by accessing the link below:

Tuesday, July 05, 2016


bookshop.website is our very latest acquisition from the next generation of top level domains.

Most books are cheaper here than at amazon.co.uk when buying with a credit card or debit card.

If you pay with a National Book Token, our price is usually the same as foyles.co.uk

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Encourage Children To Read Buy Them Book Tokens

Children who grow up with a large number of books in the house earn more money later in life, according to a new study published in the Economic Journal.

Economists from the University of Padua in Italy studied 6,000 men born in nine European countries in the mid-20th century, categorising them depending on whether they had fewer than 10 books at home, a shelf of books, a bookcase with up to 100 books, two bookcases, or more than two.

Giorgio Brunello, Guglielmo Weber and Christoph Weiss estimated the effect of education on lifetime earnings by “distinguishing between individuals who lived in rural or urban areas during childhood, and between individuals with access to many or few books at home at age 10.”

The study said that although school reforms had the most effect on individuals in rural areas, “those with many books enjoyed substantially higher returns to their additional education”.

An extra year of education was found to increase a man’s lifetime earnings by 9% on average, but those brought up with very few books at home saw only a 5% rise. For subjects with a large number of books the rise was 21%.

Those with a larger amount of books were also found to be more likely to move to cities where there are better earning opportunities than those with few books.

Researchers said: “Perhaps books matter because they encourage children to read more and reading can have positive effects on school performance... Alternatively, a home filled with books indicates advantageous socio-economic conditions.”



Thursday, May 05, 2016

Our jobsite domains go from strength to strength

Today browsing for jobs online is continually one of the most popular internet trends, constantly in the top 5 along with holidays/travel and one of the main contributing factors why the sales of newspapers have declined more than 750 million copies since the early 1990's and continue to do so today: Trinity chief executive Simon Fox said in February 2016: "Over a million people have stopped buying a newspaper in the past two years but we believe a large number of them can be tempted back with the right product'' Their NEW DAY tabloid launched in that very same month, was closed down by them just nine weeks later! Research also shows that recruiters prefer niche jobsites, rather than national ones, as these return better results, one of the reasons why now more than 70% of all East Yorkshire businesses regularly have recruitment adverts featured here with Bridjobs. This includes one of the region's larger employers Ebuyer Howden incorporating Wren Kitchen & Bedrooms.

Our Regional Jobsite Established 2005

New Day Closure BBC News

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Olivier Awards Prize For You?

The statuettes may have been given out but we're still celebrating the Olivier Awards 40th anniversary with a fantastic prize for you.

Leading theatre publisher Nick Hern Books, is offering one lucky person the chance to bag an amazing selection of 25 winning plays and musicals, from across the lifetime of the Oliviers. It's a brilliant theatre lover's prize worth more than £250.

Enter before midnight on Sunday April 17th, to be in with a chance of winning. Good luck.

Enter Here 17th April 2016 Latest

Saturday, March 05, 2016


Nook is pulling out of the UK and transferring its UK customers to Sainsbury's. The e-reader and tablet company owned by American bookselling chain Barnes & Noble told customers it would stop trading in the UK, effective as of 15th March 2016, via a notice posted on its website 3rd March. It read: "Effective from March 15, 2016, Nook will no longer sell digital content in the United Kingdom. The Nook Store on Nook devices sold in the UK, on the UK Nook Reading App for Android, and at nook.com/gb will cease operation." The agreement with Sainsbury's means customers can continue to access "the vast majority" of already purchased e-books through a Sainsbury’s Entertainment on Demand account. The process is not automatic for customers, however, who were told their "action is required" and to look out for emails with instructions how to transfer books. The company said it was "working closely with Sainsbury’s" to make the transition "as smooth as possible". Blackwell's and Foyles have not been selling Nook e-readers and tablets in their stores for some months, perhaps this is the reason why? Go here for full article, published 4th March 2016 at THE BOOKSELLER:


If you have a Nook e-reader/tablet, you will still be able to buy and upload new book purchases at:

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

FEBRUARY FOCUS - Dads Army Movie

Saturday 6th February 2016 I attended the first weekend on release cinema showing of Universal's latest blockbuster DADS ARMY.

It was back in the Autumn of 2014 that I was on the set in Bridlington Old Town, during the weeks this was being filmed.

I have visited the seaside town of Bridlington in East Yorkshire every year since 1957 and had a home there too since 2004. However the unexpected star of the show was the village bay a few miles north east, that being my most favourite of all childhood places, FLAMBOROUGH. The last scenes of the movie (and the most gripping ones) were all shot on North Landing Beach, in the bay which is as exquisite and charming as the movie!

So all I have left to say on this month's Blog is that if you have a 'bucket list' of things yet to do, either add to it:

A /. Visit North Landing, Flamborough, East Yorkshire (taking in Flamborough Head and Bridlington along the way).


B /. See Dads Army The Movie (taking in a barrel of laughs and a trip down memory lane along the way).


Roger Bernard Crossland.

Partner 'The Token House Partnership'.