Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Free £125 Mountain Bike!

This month we have teamed up with PRUHEALTH 'health insurance that rewards healthy living' and are able to offer you during April 2007 a FREE mountain bike when you join our plan.
PruHealth helps you look after your health and rewards you for doing so. That's why if you join before 29th April 2007 we'll give you and everyone on the policy aged over 12 a free mountain bike - worth £125 per person.
Top quality health cover designed to give you peace of mind.
Save up to 30% on your first year's premium by answering 5 simple lifestyle questions.
Guaranteed 25% no claims bonus of your current year's premium towards renewal - every year.
Increase this saving to 50%, 75% even 100% by looking after your health throughout the year.

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