Tuesday, February 09, 2016

FEBRUARY FOCUS - Dads Army Movie

Saturday 6th February 2016 I attended the first weekend on release cinema showing of Universal's latest blockbuster DADS ARMY.

It was back in the Autumn of 2014 that I was on the set in Bridlington Old Town, during the weeks this was being filmed.

I have visited the seaside town of Bridlington in East Yorkshire every year since 1957 and had a home there too since 2004. However the unexpected star of the show was the village bay a few miles north east, that being my most favourite of all childhood places, FLAMBOROUGH. The last scenes of the movie (and the most gripping ones) were all shot on North Landing Beach, in the bay which is as exquisite and charming as the movie!

So all I have left to say on this month's Blog is that if you have a 'bucket list' of things yet to do, either add to it:

A /. Visit North Landing, Flamborough, East Yorkshire (taking in Flamborough Head and Bridlington along the way).


B /. See Dads Army The Movie (taking in a barrel of laughs and a trip down memory lane along the way).


Roger Bernard Crossland.

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