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Committed to losing weight? Unhappy with your current weight loss plan? Now there is an opportunity to join a winners programme that will really work for you :

The main East Yorkshire Bridlington meeting will continue to run this successful new plan weekly throughout 2013 at 10.30am The Seabirds, Fortyfoot YO16 7RX and the programme proceeds each and every Saturday, same time, same place. Martin Crossland looks forward to welcoming all members both old and new.

How all meetings run:

At your first meeting, you will discuss the weight you want to loose with Martin and be issued with information about his successful winners programmes.
You’ll be welcomed in a friendly atmosphere and discover the small changes you can make – from wise food choices to perhaps becoming more active. Every new member will be prescribed a personal weight loss schedule, tailor made just for you and each week you’ll have a confidential weigh-in and tracking of your progress, being able to share what works with other members, therefore staying motivated as you move towards your weight loss goals. A member from one of these meetings has now lost a total of 11stone and YOU will be assured to loose at least 5 pounds after the first week, if you follow his plans exactly as instructed.

Who leads the meetings:

Your managing consultant is Martin Crossland who has also lost weight - that being over 6 stone loss

He will present all meetings and guide you through the choices you have with his programmes

The Winners Plan:

With solutions you will discover and share together, your weight-loss goals are guaranteed.
Each week all members receive exclusive advice, to make the following of this successful diet easy.

1st and main venue meets each and every Saturday 10.30am. New Friday morning meeting as shown below:

Planning to take that first step? Then come along to Martin's main Bridlington Saturday morning meeting 10.30am at The Seabirds, Fortyfoot, YO16 7RX. This meeting continues to be the most popular Bridlington meeting for weight loss, with more attending regular than at Slimming World Bridlington and Weight Watchers Bridlington.

New for 2012 was the Friday morning meeting from 10.30 until 11.30 held at The Hinge Centre / Havenfield Community Centre, 19-21 Field Rd, Bridlington YO16 4AU.

Martin's telephone number is 07793 680 821 and you can call him direct now for further details about this exciting plan, which had so much success in 2011-12 and will continue throughout 2013

'I will be with you every step, knowing that healthy long-term weight loss is within everyone's reach & that you can attain the weight you have always wanted to be, in a proven way'

Our programmes are healthy, well-balanced and interesting, giving you plenty to eat and fits in with your lifestyle. They can also include all your favourite foods, then gradually increase the amount of exercise you enjoy to fit in with your way of life. Think about what you might need to change in your long-term behaviour by using some practical recommended strategies. Get lots of support, encouragement and motivation all along the way, not just from me but from other members too.

Martin your meeting advisor, will be there for you at all times and all the way to your desired weight celebration day!

And after you have reached your goal?

The relationship doesn't end there. You will continue to get the support so you can maintain your weight loss once you've reached your agreed goal target. The Winners Membership Scheme lets you continue to get the help you need after you have lost the weight you wanted, without paying a penny more, yes your meetings will become free! Up to reaching your goal, we guarantee that you will always pay less than at a Weightwatchers meeting and this is:

Your very first meeting costs £6 which includes a welcome pack.

Second meeting and onwards is only £4 or you can buy the WLW Pass:

FOUR WEEK PASS on sale for £12 which gives you one meeting free every month.

The WLW Pass can also be purchased at my Community Accountancy Office by cash, cheque, credit card, debit card:

92 St. John Street, Bridlington, YO16 7JS (open Monday-Friday from 10am until 4pm). Next door to Old Ship Inn.

'Weight Lost Winners'


During 2011 & 2012 in Bridlington members lost over 180 stone in combined weight !

1 local lady is more than 11 stones lighter by using this plan alone!

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