Monday, August 02, 2010

New Student Book Card

The National Book Tokens Student Book Card can be loaded up to £250 and is an innovative new product launced today, designed to help parents, friends or relatives provide for college costs, with the peace of mind that money intended for books is actually spent on books. At the same time, it is an easy and convenient way for students to buy their essential course texts.

So how does it work? This card is a combination of two gift cards, both received when purchased here. One card is for parents to top-up with value whenever needed - to a maximum of two hundred and fifty pounds at any one time. The other card is then for students to spend on their books.

This is just like a normal gift card, but because there are two parts, it allows parents to add value at their local bookshop and the student to spend that very same value at their campus bookstore or online with us post free.

So what are the benefits? Peace of mind for parents knowing that the money can only be spent on books. A helping hand for students, knowing that the cost of buying their reading list is one less thing to budget for. An easy way to help with students ongoing costs, as parents can top up the card whenever need and even by telephone on 0843 208 9296 low rate call charges apply: