Monday, May 31, 2021

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK - UK routes and locations for motor homes

Coming in exactly one years time is the first book, covering England and Wales.

Author Martin Dorey says: “I’ve loved every minute of researching and writing the 'Take The Slow Road' series. But now it’s time to look a little deeper. Getting off the beaten track, for me, is more a state of mind than it is revealing secrets and this series will take me to the places we’ve overlooked, forgotten or have simply fallen out of love with. Our tiny, busy little island might be overcrowded and oversubscribed, but there are still places to go that are away from the honeypots. I believe we can see England and Wales in a new light, from a different point of view and with new joy. I can’t wait to load up the van with walking boots, kayaks, surfboards and bikes and start a whole new series of inspiring journeys.”

Off The Beaten Track Scotland will be published in 2024.

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