Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Apparently many of you have fallen foul of rogue traders whilst buying your Book Tokens online and your Theatre Tokens online during November and December 2008.
It seems that the problems you have encountered ranged from internet sellers misleading consumers into believing they were buying genuine Official Theatre Tokens and then being sent an inferior theatre voucher, through to internet sellers with misleading adverts for National Book Tokens that claimed 'free next day delivery' but their service did not actually provide this and indeed many of you have reported to us that you did not receive your Book Tokens at all.
If you have been so unfortunate, after being tempted to buy your gift vouchers from any such rogue trader, then we may now be able to assist.
A helpline has been set up by us until March 1st 2009 and we invite you to call the following number: 07835 150 354.
The 'governing body' for both these nationwide voucher schemes are already aware of the issues outlined above (plus others) and it is our intention to help you to speak with the correct person relating to your particular issue, by publishing and making available this unique telephone helpline number until the end of next month.