Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Warning About Theatre Vouchers

Be very careful when choosing Theatre Gift Vouchers for London or the UK as you may be getting a poor deal.
The majority available are tied into one of many individual Ticket Agents, meaning that you can only exchange them for one of their products / bookings, which usually results in a very limited choice on offer, plus a very limited time to spend them in.

There is only one official recognised nationwide Theatre Voucher scheme, which is operated in conjunction with the Theatres themselves and not reliant on Agents. The vouchers are called Theatre Tokens and have been established since 1984. They were the first and today they are the foremost gift vouchers for tickets, so please make sure that you are getting the genuine article. Also because they carry 'no expiry date' they have today grown to become the preferred choice with theatre goers throughout Britain, plus around 250 venues now accept!

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