Sunday, August 23, 2020


Since the formation of One Direction, exactly 121 months ago today, I have followed the progress of all the boys, however I would not call myself a 'Directioner'.

I have seen various trends develop online, but the two that have particularly caught my attention and interested me the most are mainly 'Zarry' but also to a certain extent the term 'Larry'.

Both terms involve a certain boy named Harry, to those unfamiliar with all these names and acronyms, we are talking here about Harry Styles.

So you thought that this blog and my blog last month were all about Zayn Malik? Well they are, but it would not be possible to discuss Zayn, without mentioning his bromance with the others!

Wait on, I here you say, didn't I promise to 'spill the tea' on what happened in private between Zayn and Harry? Well exactly, the nitty gritty, meat and two veg, was mainly unwitnessed, so how can any of us know for sure?

However, this is what I do know:

Zayn Malik has chosen to live a 'hetrosexual life' as most guys want a child to carry on their bloodline. There are several other current male celebrities I could mention here (but I wont) that chose this route too, after experimenting with their sexuality in the past. Two of these male celebrities were both also involved with One Direction!

Zayn said that he came away from his 5 years in One Direction, without having made a single friend: 'I have always been a bit like that though, always a bit of an island. I don't like to confer with too many people'.

In the early days, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson shared a penthouse in London together and later, circa 2016, they were both (coincidentally?) involved with the same property in Calabasas/Malibu. Hence the term 'Larry' evolved. It's Harry that is the 'wild card' not Louis or Zayn. Will Harry ever settle down and have children? I doubt it very much. If he does, it will certainly only be for the sake of a bloodline.

Zayn has said of Gigi Hadid, the soon to be mother of his child next month 'She is super organised and I'm really not. It helps that she can get things together for me a little bit. I lean on her a lot'

From the Summer of 2010, I was very busy relocating my Father to live with us at a new home in East Yorkshire, which had resulted from the death of my Mother in 2008. Zayn was still seen in the neighbourhood, however when the XFactor contestants returned to film at their homes, Zayn didn't. Instead he filmed this sequence at the HMV Music Store in Bradford City Centre.

The area was deteriorating, we were all happy to be breaking our links, for 'pastures new'.

Daily content in the media about One Direction has this year been at a new peak, mainly because of their '10th Anniversary'. However 'pastures new' is going to become a recurring theme here, mark my words!

ROGER C. (DJ Roger).