Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Northern Ireland Accountants - new service

CASNI is a charity based in Derry City and provides community accountancy services to support the voluntary sector within Northern Ireland. WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU: As well as providing accounting, our site also allows you access to a resource library of information about your accounts & what you need to do, plus advice around financial management & compliance. Brought to you by your local Community Accountant Martin Crossland. ACCOUNTS PREPARATION: Unlike many Commercial Accountants who charge clients by the hour, we offer a simple affordable method. Our charges are based on your individual needs & requirements, agreed before any work is undertaken. No matter how much work is needed to be done the fee will remain the same, therefore making this service very affordable, particularly to small groups, voluntary organisations and newly registered charities. PAYROLL: We can also provide you with payroll services for as little as £6 per month each employee all in. This includes all elements of payroll processing, paying staff direct & dealing with statutory elements to the Inland Revenue including year end returns, P11d's, P60's etc... BOOKKEEPING SERVICES: Every voluntary organisation has different ways in which they want their finances represented through book-keeping systems. CASNI prides itself on being able to provide either manual or computerised systems that are tailored around your specific needs. We offer a wide range of services particularly to groups, voluntary organisations, registered charities and social enterprises, those with an annual turnover of up to £500,000. For the services shown below we guarantee new customers that we will always beat the price you are currently paying, on the production to us of your last annual accountancy invoices. ACCOUNTS PREPARATION FOR SMALLER GROUPS: With so many small groups out there, who have income of less than £5,000 and are unable to pay to have accounts prepared in a correct format or to support existing or new funding applications, we can now prepare your accounts COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. If you are interested in this service, then please call Martin Crossland the Accountant direct on 07793 680 821 for further information. BY PAYING LESS FEES THIS MEANS YOU GET TO KEEP MORE OF YOUR MONEY: All groups, volutary organisations and registered charities with an annual turnover of between £10,000 and £500,000 are required to produce accounts, to provide them not only with up to date financial information, but also to assist them in obtaining further grant funding as well as complying with their statutory obligations as outlined by both Charity and Company Law. At CASNI we offer an affordable method based on the individual needs of the client, therefore making this service affordable to all without impacting on vital free reserves. Why pay commercial accountants who charge fixed hourly rates? INDEPENDENT EXAMINATIONS: If your annual turnover exceeds £10,000 per year and is less than £500,000 then you are legally required to have your accounts independently examined and prepared, by someone who is qualified to do so. Many voluntary groups believe that their treasurer, banker or even best friend can do this for them, but it is not the case. Visit us online to find out more about how we can help.

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OFFICE HOURS : 10am until 4.30pm Monday to Friday from November 2014 or by appointment.