Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Carbon Footprint

The global retailer that cares about its customers and environment:

To help reduce the carbon footprint of our business, the webhosting we use to get our Bookshop online, operates with 100% wind turbine power. Most of our other sites are hosted in a similar way, but not all of them. The programme we have used to design the majority of the websites which we run, is a very simple one, as we do not wish to complicate things and for us to just uninspiringly take on the look of one of the many, many other domains that offer similar services to ourselves. Dare to be different and you shall see the rewards, is a motto of our founder, who has remained firm with the same programming now for fifteen years, after reading a review once saying that although it is not a revered form of web building tool and loathed by many, those that stick with it and make it their own, shall have great success. Many cannot understand why we do so very well with what we offer, perhaps that is one of the reasons, however because your satisfaction is our future, we have also offered unrivalled customer service to all whom have supported us since the very start. That personal touch, it matters more today than it ever has done before. Plus we care about the environment too, in more ways than there is space to list in full here, but we will briefly mention just one more fact and this is that when you call us by telephone to order, we re-use for this purpose a sheet of A4 paper that has one blank unused side, carrying some previous correspondence on the other side that has been already dealt with. This means that no A4 paper from our office goes into the trash or shredder, being half used ever !

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