Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Garforth Bookshop Main Street Premises Closure

Don't panic !

Even though the 'bricks and mortar' shop has now closed, you can still 'click and order' on the original Garforth Bookshop website, which is still live online and trading as normal.

This very first domain was accessed at and launched in 1999 and has traded from there continually ever since.

A more user friendly site of global interest was launched by us the following year, after we became the very first for book tokens online and this name was appropriately chosen as

Although our founder Roger Bernard Crossland sold the shop, located on Garforth Main Street in 2003 his internet domains all went from strength to strength and now number 100. The plan was to concentrate purely on ecommerce, which he did at a new purposely designed freehold office in Bridlington, from after the sale.

An offer was made several times in the years following 2003 to the new owners of the shop business Byron & Louise Godfrey, to build exclusively for them a free new bespoke website, to retail books direct from Main Street, Garforth, Leeds, but due to their lethargy this offer was never taken up. A very great shame that was, as excellent domains names had been secured for them specifically for this purpose, these being and to represent 'Books Garforth Bookshop' but thereby also giving their business a national and international ring to it, as this also stood for 'Books Great Britain'.

Today the shop has gone, Byron & Louise have gone, plus Baraka who took over from Byron & Louise, has gone too.

Things could have been so very, very different., but at least Roger is still here, his bookselling domains are still here and many of his customers going right back to his beginnings with WHSmith in 1974 still remain customers and friends today!

For more information about all of our 100 domains in full , simply click on the link below :