Sunday, May 06, 2007

Garforth Bookshop 20 TODAY!

Happy 20th Birthday Garforth Bookshop!
Wednesday 6th May 1987 was opening day - who would have thought the Bookshop would go on to be the most successful independent Bookshop in Leeds and probably the whole of Northern England?
Roger Bernard Crossland - founder - with his company TOKENHOUSE.NET went on to create 100 unique web domains, the most successful being now the fastest growing Internet Bookseller in the world today! Turnover at year end 31st March 2007 for was up by 35% the only British Bookseller seeing real growth in its business, when in comparison for example Waterstones turnover for the same period showed a decline of 4.7% and the loss making American company Borders announced that they are to pull out of Britain.
The first month of the new financial year for (April '07) saw sales rise a staggering 45% compared to the same month last year!
For sure in the City of Leeds neither Waterstones nor Borders have the same loyal following as Garforth Bookshop - established long before either of them came to the area and probably will be here long after they have both gone!